The Female Experience Retreat


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At this time, there are two different retreats to choose from:

The Nature Experience

May I be the tiniest nail in the house of the universe, tiny but useful. May I stay forever in the stream. May I look down upon the windflower and the bull thistle and the coreopsis with the greatest respect.
—Mary Oliver

How often do you simply sit still and listen to the birds and the wind? How often do you gather with women to do this? During this retreat, we will read prompts focused on nature. We will spend time engaging with the natural world as a way to connect more deeply with our truest selves. You will leave the retreat having a new awareness and appreciation for the world around you as well as renewed insight about the direction you should take not only in your life, but in your creative pursuits.

The Power Experience

I am deliberate and afraid of nothing.
—Audre Lorde

At this time in our world, as women, it is imperative we advocate for ourselves. But so often our insecurities plague us and keep us from achieving our fullest potentials and reaching our goals. And in a town like Los Angeles, there is so often competition between women. At this retreat, we will read prompts focused on reclaiming our voices and connecting to the places within us that have been stifled by fear. You will leave with a renewed confidence in your voice, not only from the writing you do, but also from the love and support from the women in the room.

What to Expect

You will read poetry. A lot of it. You will hear women share their stories and expose their vulnerabilities. And you will, hopefully, feel comfortable enough to share your stories, too. This isn’t a retreat where your writing will be critiqued. This is a retreat for anyone who wants to celebrate writing and female community, to experience how writing can nourish you, whether you never do it or you do it daily. Like Chapter One Workshop, we will do timed exercises and I ask that you be willing to share your first drafts. We aren’t striving for perfection, we are striving to go deeper in our relationships with our writing and with the women in the room.

“Going into Jennifer’s retreat weekend, the only expectations I had, were the ones I put on myself. Which is why, it’s no small feat that Jennifer was able to lift that weight off and give me the freedom and support I needed to dull the voice of my harshest critic: myself.”

Theodosia Sparks Partial Scholarships available for financial hardship, for all workshops and retreats. Contact Jennifer for details on how to apply.

Prerequisite: Chapter One Workshop (formerly Page One Workshop)